Your nine patch images must be saved with the .9.png file extension in order for Android to recognize and handle them properly. Failure to do so may result in unpredictable results. When you save from the Draw 9-Patch program it will have the proper extension.Well, Google has uncovered a new method to hack Android smartphones using malicious PNG files. The problem was disclosed this week in Google's Android security bulletin. A serious flaw in the ...A 9-patch image is a png that marks a stretchable area of the image using a 1 pixel black line around all 4 edges of the image. These images are saved as <imagename>.9.png. When it has the 9.png as the extension, Android will recognize it is a 9-patch image and use the black lines as a guide to stretch only certain parts of the image.

With Android APK Image Extractor, developers can process APK files to extract individual images or sets of images. Extracting PNG and JPEG pictures from an APK file is as easy as opening the APK with Android APK Image Extractor and choosing the images to pull. What Is ExtractedPNG is a bitmap graphics format identical to GIF, that practice image compression primarily for web purposes but they do not accommodate copywriter limitations.Thus, you must know how to Open a PNG File.